WE  WILL  DO  IT..."

The Incorrigibles...

We believe in closed-door rehearsals; outsiders are requested to kindly avail prior permission to watch our rehearsal process or meet our playwright & director and members... Thanks!

Who knew that a mere rubber stamp would lead us to a road less traveled...

Established in 1992, SANSAPTAK is solely dedicated to the cause of theatre. Our objective has been to present quality theatre to a discerning audience on varied themes that reflect topical concerns. We also aim to inculcate in the members and the younger generation a sense of responsibility and involvement promoting the understanding of the fraternity and raising their level of artistic sense in consonance with social consciousness and concern.

All our plays are penned by the versatile playwright, author, poet, director and Guru, Sh. Torit Mitra and have to our credit more than 500 theatre productions of over 38 plays and still counting.

There's magic in theatre, and that magic is SANSAPTAK.