Our Metiers

We bring theatre as an experiential event to Educational Institutes, NGO’s and Corporate Houses.
•    Theatre and Art Therapy Sessions using Theatre Pedagogy
•    Design and Direction of Proscenium, Open Air & Street Performances 
•    Stage, Light, Costume, Properties, Graphic Designing 
•    Theatre Workshops and Games for Improving Life Skills and Holistic Personality.
•    Initiating Theatre Clubs 
•    Preparation of Theatre Artistes and Aspirants
•    Teachers Training – Theatre in Classroom Teaching
•    Corporate Workshops – Building Personalities, Teamwork & Leadership
•    Relation between Visual Arts and Performance

​How it works?

We provide all of the above métiers as a single combined package, or as individual packages; depending upon your need and requirement. The duration of the projects can extend from 3 months to 2 months or even 1 month. The cost for each package will depend upon the duration and the métier chosen.


"In a world of utter chaos and degeneration, theatre can show the path to enlightenment!"

A faculty of SANSAPTAK, we are a group of young, agile theatre enthusiasts and practitioners who see the harlequin as a symbol of self-identity and discovery. We intend to apply the 3E’s – To Explore, To Exalt and To Educate – through theatre and open the minds of people from all ages to create constructive and positive avenues providing innovative and cost effective packages for institutes, organisations and corporate companies that have a holistic view of education, life and its exigencies. The most effective way to achieve the 3E’s, we believe, is not only through Drama Education, but Theatre Pedagogy.