9.Director, Torit Mitra, was awarded as one of the best directors in Delhi and the play Garbh performed at Bharatendu Natya Utsav in 2011. He has also been felicitated by several Regional and National organizations and institutions for his extensive contribution to Indian Arts, culture and literature. Several of his plays have been performed by numerous theatre groups in the country.

10. Veteran activist and President of the group, Smt. Ruma Bose, has been felicitated by Bengal Association, Navapalli Theatre Group and Acrica Media, for her exceptional benefaction lent to theatre as an actor, activist and administrator. Veteran artiste, Sh. Dipankar Khan has also been felicitated by Acira Media for his immense contribution as an actor.

11. The group hosted ELEGANCE OF IBSEN, a festival of Plays, Seminar and Exhibition, in collaboration with The Royal Norwegian Embassy in 2006 to commemorate the death centennial year of Sir Henrik Ibsen, the records of which have been placed in the archival database of www.ibsen.net, and Centre for Ibsen Studies, Oslo.

12. Records and documentation regarding our profile, activities and performances have been placed in the archives of the esteemed Natarang Pratishthan, New Delhi.

13. The group performed at National Seminar on Tagore at the invitation by Sahitya Akademi (Delhi) and Central University of Rajasthan (Kishangarh) in 2011.

14. In 2013, the group hosted PANCHAM VEDIC, including a two-day bi-lingual seminar and a festival of plays for four-days showcasing our play Anavritt and renowned groups and directors - Green Room Theatre (Anjan Kanjilal), Rang Bhoomi (J. P. Singh) and Sada Arts Society (Dr. Danish Iqbal).


1. Pioneers in staging experimental plays, like En Solitaire, Solo Reading Theatre, Sruti and Smriti, Willy6-Willy6 and Exile and Kingdom in auditoriums and studios alike since inception.

Have been winning awards at Kali Bari One-Act Drama Comeptitions for five consecutive years since 2000.

Performed Dakshinapath in NSD's prestigious International Drama Festival (5th Bharat Rang Mahotsav) in 2003. Since 2002, the group has been performing at NSD's Weekend Theatre.

Was invited at Legends of India in 2005 to perform Atmadaho.

Has been hosting its own shows at Kolkata for five consecutive years. The group has also been invited by several theatre groups like Sanglaap and festivals like International Ganga-Jamuna Theatre Festival in Kolkata.

Mega-productions, Devanampiya, Zawal-e-Azim and Anavritt have been awarded the titles “Utkrisht Natak” (Best Play) by Sahitya Kala Parishad, Delhi Govt. and performed at the esteemed Bharatendu Natya Utsav in 2007, 2009, and 2012.

Zawal-e-Azim was performed at the Delhi International Arts Festival 2009, under Sangeet Natak Akademi Theatre Festival. 

8. Have felicitated eminent theatre critics and practitioners, Sh. Diwan Singh Bajeli, Sh. Prithviraj Roy, Smt. Santwana Nigam and Dr. Vikram Chopra, for their commendable contributions to their respective fields.

21. Have pioneered in unique promotion of theatre by setting up theatre stall in Bangiya Samaj Paush Mela and actively participated in theatre stall at the 15th Book Fair organized by Bengal Association in 2015 & 2016. 'Jatok Honon' was read by Smt. Ruma Bose, 'Pathure Shoinik' by Sh. Torit Mitra at the 15th Book Fair.

22. Antar Sambandh, conceptualized and directed by Ruma Bose, was performed at India Habitat Centre on World's Peace Day organized by Kriti in Spetember 2016.

Under the tutelage of Torit Mitra, his play 7 Raison d'être / 7 Reasons of Being was performed in November 2016 featuring debut director Sreemoyee Dasgupta, gathering several critical applause.

Parts of plays Willy6-Willy6 and 7 Raison d'être were performed at Short Play Competition organized by Angel's Vision as a non-competitor in November 2015 & 2016.

Macbeth-Macbeth, written by Torit Mitra and directed by Anjon Bose, has been selected for performance at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai, in February 2017.

Have hosted innumerable workshops, seminars, symposiums, and talk shows on theatre and its facets.

Recognized and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sangeet Natak Akademi, Sahitya Kala Parishad and Sahitya Akademi, Govt. of India. Our group is also empanelled to ICCR.

15. Have placed our name in several National and International publications, electronic media, press reviews and have published books, ‘Home & the World’ and ‘Hari-Bhari Khwahish Tatha Anya Natak’, and our annual newsletter ‘Yavanpat’.

16. Under the tutelage of Torit Mitra, his plays Vasansi Jirnani, Hari-Bhari Khwahish, Na Hanyate and Macbeth-Macbeth was designed and directed by his disciple, Anjon Bose, claiming several critical appraisals. Na Hanyate, invited by IPTA, was performed at JNU in 2015.

17. Have been participating in World Theatre Day celebrations organized by Bengal Association since 2014.

18. The group participated in 'A Memoir of the Legend of Dr. Shishir Das' organised by Sh. Himadri Dutta and Ek Ebong Dosh on 8th November 2015 at DCMS premises. Dr. Shishir Das's famous composition 'Dui Bondini' was read by Sh. Torit Mitra and Smt. Ruma Bose and stagecraft was done by Sh. Anjon Bose.

19. Activist and disciple of Sh. Torit Mitra, Smt. Sreemoyee Dasgupta Bose, was invited to participate in debate organized by Shapno Ekhon entitled 'Opinion / Abhimat / Motamot' in September 2015.

20. Mritashaucha was performed in Green Room Theatre’s International Bengali Theatre Festival 2016 along with groups from Kolkata and Bangladesh. Sh. Torit Mitra and Sh. Anjon Bose were invited as speakers in Seminars during the festival.