​Workshops train the artiste’s mind, body and soul. Every workshop curriculum is specifically designed for specific plays. Under the guidance and tutelage of Sh. Torit Mitra, both the actors and the technical support crew are trained. Each member is equipped to work with different work allocations, be it acting, music, light or set design and execution, script writing, direction and design. This not only helps develop a bond with the fraternity, but also the presence of mind to handle an undue crisis and develop a socio-economical and political awareness.

​It is a matter of pride that three generations are working together in this group, each contributing uniquely to the cause of theatre. ​We have also trained theatre aspirants, majority of whom have successful careers in this field. ​Noticeable workshop series organized by us are ‘Assiduous’, ‘From The Nowhere’, ‘Reconnaissance’, ‘Painting, Drama and Storytelling’ and several more, inculcating new and innovative psycho-physical exercises.  

​These workshops conclude with in-house seminars, deliberations and visual interpretations consisting of various artworks in mixed media and installations that are  exhibited during the final productions.

With every production, we exhibit visual interpretations, including artworks and installations, of the play done by artiste members. We have also exhibited panels on Sir Henrik Ibsen's life and works during our theatre festival 'Elegance of Ibsen'.


We have a few publications in our name. The major publication is our annual newsletter ‘Yavanpat’ that was started in the year 1994. Yavanpat publishes articles, essays, letters, poems, and artworks of member artistes, theatre enthusiasts, critics and audience, including seminar papers. Till date 18 editions have already been released, with the latest edition commemorating the birth centennial of Albert Camus. 

Another major publication is our bi-lingual book, entitled ‘Home & the World / Ghar aur Bahar’, which is a compilation of essays and artworks of eminent theatre critics, practitioners, authors, poets, academicians, artists and sculptors on the life and works of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore and his influence on Arts and literature. The book was launched by the honorable President of ICCR, Dr. Karan Singh. The book has gained International and National recognition and appreciation.

​Our playwright and director, Sh. Torit Mitra, has seven published plays, three in Bengali and four in Hindi (translated by member artistes of the group), namely, Atmadaho, Garvoj, Nijo-bash Bhoomey, Macbeth-Macbeth, Garbh, Zawal-e-Azim and Hari-Bhari Khwahish.

​Several of our plays have found fame in books written by renowned authors and critics, especially the plays Macbeth-Macbeth, Hari-Bhari Khwahish, Bohubrihee and Anik, in Dr. Vikram Chopra’s book ‘Shakespeare: The Indian Icon’ and Dr. Utpal K. Banerjee’s books ‘Post-independence Indian Theatre’ and ‘Theatre in South Asia’.


Seminars, symposiums and talk shows are an integral part of Sansaptak’s curriculum. It is here that we update ourselves, share and exchange viewpoints for a better understanding of this particular art form.     

Besides in-house deliberations, we have organized several Regional and National seminars, noticeable amongst these are ‘To be or Not To Be’, ‘Swayam Vadanti’, ‘Empty Space’, ‘Pancham Vedic’, ‘Legacy, Love and Beyond Bondage’, ‘Antaraal’ and ‘Elegance of Ibsen’.

​Eminent personalities like, Devendraraj Ankur, Bansi Kaul, Bapi Bose, Bharat Ratna Bhargava, Suman Kumar, Suman Mukhopadhyay, K. S. Rajendran, Dr. Jyotish Joshi, Javed Malick, Minoti Chatterjee, Reoti Sharan Sharma, M. K. Raina, Rameshwar Prem and many more, have honored us with their expertise and valuable insight and in-depth knowledge of the field, discussing the scenario of Indian and Western Theatre alike and their philosophies. 

​Poem recitation, improvisations through self composed performances, discussion on subjects such as Anti Terrorism, Anti War and public discourses on Art and its exigencies and commemorating legendary personalities are on-going programs of the group.