Our plays range from tragedies to comedies, classical to contemporary, covering varied subjects relating to global, social, economical and political themes. 

The preparation for each play goes through a rigorous methodology, specifically designed to inculcate not only the understanding of the play, its concept and characters, but also to preserve the spirit, passion and build intellectual curiosity. 

Firstly, the plays are publically read to collect valuable feedbacks and critical opinions to making the text stronger and more comprehensive.

The next phase begins with varied intensive workshops and research. This phase concludes with an in-house seminar and symposium. 

The rehearsal process continues with the initial reading of the script by the assigned actors  to clarify pronunciation, diction and scanning of the dialogues.

​After the zonal blocking is done, the actors begin floor rehearsal with the designer and director molding the visuals and scenarios. Stagecraft, music and light charts are designed and finalized in this phase.

During the final phase, the actors gabble the text followed by a stage rehearsal prior to the final performances.